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Combat Identification Systems

Thermal Beacons are used for covert thermal signaling by military forces or para-military forces in a variety of combat applications, primarily for detection by FLIR systems (incorporated in various mounted and dismounted fighting platforms) in the 3-12 micron ranges.

The addition of near–IR signaling for detection by Night Vision Devices produces a family of non-visible beacon emitters combining thermal and IR wavelengths with the option of readily identifiable flash patterns. The units are extremely small and lightweight, designed to be powered by batteries or vehicle power.

Regardless of the manufacturer of FLIR camera used, as long as the wavelength is the same, troops will be able to identify the signal emitted by the thermal beacons and clearly mark the target as a friendly one.

The various Thermal Beacons models are designed to complement existing RF based Battle Management Systems by serving as the last mile solution for all your IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) needs.

Products Available (different products and models are available upon request)


MS-OMR   OEM Modules for SAR Applications
Products_4_small   Products_9_small

Multispectral Omni Medium Range Thermal Beacon for Helmet and Vehicle Mounting. User is able to control the radiation spectrum (thermal, near infrared or both simultaneously)

Recognition Range:
4km: for 3-5microns
10km: with a light intensifier


Allows the user to signal to thermal cameras or to SLS (night vision goggles, image intensifiers, etc.) or to both of them simultaneously.






 Handheld Omnidirectional Thermal Beacon    

Recognition Range:
10km: using any light intensifier system
3-5km: 3-5 micron camera with InSb detector and 250mm lens

2km: 8-12MCT camera at narrow field





High Performance Lasers

Thermal Beacon manufactures high powered lasers with an output of > 1W. Since the laser output is significantly higher than the majority of laser devices in the market, this allows us to increase the beam divergence, which means the customer can have a 2 in 1 device - a highly focused laser aiming device and a powerful laser illuminator.

Our lasers are available in a variety of IR wavelengths, from 808 nm up to 860. Other IR and visible wavelengths are available upon request.


Weapon Mounted Light Sword IR Pointer / Illuminator
(Weapon Mounted)

 Light Sword
Surveillance Remote Control

Products_6_small Products_13_small Src

 Compact and high powered near IR pointer. Designed to be mounted on heavy machinery guns and light guns (>20mm) alike.

The open mechanical interface allows the integration with almost any remote weapon station in the world.



This dual wavelength illuminator operates in both the red and IR spectrums.

The two wavelengths are fired through the same optic system, ensuring that both beams will target the exact same spot.



An ultra compact, high power IR laser illuminator.

Used as a designator for forces using image intensifier devices for ranges of more than 15 km and to illuminate targets at night for ranges up to 1-2 km.




Handheld Light Sword  Night Beam - Long Range Visible Laser Illuminator Night Beam II - Green
hhlightsword Products_15_small green


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