Underwater Night Vision


CyclopsThe Cyclops Night Diver mask is a high performance underwater night vision monocular goggle, permitting observation both above and below water to a depth of 50meters.

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The Cyclops Underwater Night Vision Goggle is a high performance underwater monocular goggle that enables observation from both above and 50m below the water.

The system's modular design includes

  • a 25mm F/0.95 Objective Ocular Lens
  • a high performance 2nd Gen Image Intensifier with battery and on/off switch

Night Diver (Cyclops) is mounted on the Drager Nova or Interspiro full-face mask, both of which are used worldwide by navies, special forces, commandos, police and coast guards. Both right and left hand versions are available as well as open or closed circuit operation.

The cyclops night vision goggle can also be used in above water reconnaissance of beachhead defense installations as well as underwater exploration of ships' hulls and the seabed for explosives and/or narcotics.






Length 25mm outward projection
Maximum Width 180mm subject to interpupillary adj
Weight 1.8kg in air
Operational Depth 50m
Construction Black teflon finished anodised aluminium
Environment Mil Spec


Objective Lens 25mm F/0.95 Refractive
FIeld of View 40 degrees above water
Focus 30cm to Infinity
Ocular Lens 25mm
Ocular Focus +/- 4 diopters
Lateral Adjustment approx 7mm
System Magnification Unity
Range (man sized target) 150m (above water starlight)


Image Intensifier 18mm high performance 2nd generation
Tube Sensitivity 600µa/lm typical
Tube Gain 35,000 typical
Tube Resolution 57lp/mm minimum
External Control Rotary swithc (on/off)
Power Source 1 x 3.0V Lithium Battery (CR123A)
Operational Duration approx 40 hours


Included Items

Optional Extras

 High Impact Carrying Case Selected High Performance Image Intensifiers (2nd & 3rd Generation)
 Operator’s Manual

Solid State Laser Illuminators

 Lens Brush & Cleaning Cloth

Soft Carrying Bag

Objective Lens Caps or Daylight Training Filters

Interspiro Full-face mask version

Lithium Batteries x 2

Electronic Navigation Module Package (under development)


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600µa/lm typical